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Warrack Productions

Warrack Productions was established in 1972 as a production house for commercial theatre, television, recordings, concerts, and industrials.

Over more than three decades, it has been responsible for multitude of productions of every size and scope.

Throughout this period, David Warrack has remained at the helm as Producer and/or Executive Producer.

The following list represents selected credits:

  • A Collection of British Rubbish – opened at the Cabaret Theatre, Boston, Mass.

  • On Tap – opened in Toronto, Dora Mavor Moore Award Winner; starring Jeff Hyslop

  • Toronto Toronto – three year run in Toronto, cast album, Dora Mavor Moore Award Winner

  • Toronto Toronto 2 – two year run in Toronto, cast album

  • Torontosaurus – six month run in Toronto, cast album

  • Tut Tut – ran for the entire length of the Tutenkhamen Exhibit at Art Gallery of Ontario, cast album

  • Oops! – one year run in Toronto, extensive tours, cast album

  • Three Dora Mavor Moore Award Shows – only three ever televised

  • Fourteen Children’s Musicals – multiple productions, four cast albums

  • Broadway Tribute – a Gala Production for the grand opening of the film A CHORUS LINE.

  • My Three Angels – starring Cynthia Dale

  • The Sum Of Us - starring Gordon Pinsent

  • Praise - starring Brent Carver

  • Funny Girl - starring Michael Burgess

  • Shimmytime - starring Salome Bey

  • Interpretations of a Life – starring Maureen Forrester, cast album

  • Flicks: a Movie Revue – 18-month run in Toronto, extensive tours, co-produced with Heinar Piller

  • The Vaudevillians – 16-month run in Toronto, extensive tours, co-produced with Heinar Piller

  • All For One – CBC Television Superspecial with All-Star cast

  • We Got Love – opened at Grand Theatre in London, ran entire summer at Royal York Imperial Room

  • Sweet Will – opened in Toronto, works of Shakespeare set to music, co-produced with Tom Patterson

  • We’re Here – featuring members of the C.O.C. Ensemble, Lincoln Centre, N.Y.C.

  • The Canada Pops Orchestra – concert dates at Massey Hall, Hummingbird Centre, Toronto Centre, CNE

  • Ronnie Hawkins at Massey Hall, 2006 “I’m Back!” legendary concert

  • ROB ROY, Edinburgh Festival

  • Jazz at Koerner Hall

​The Television Productions, Recordings and Industrials are contracts, with a profit margin written in.

The concerts are seldom financed, such that Warrack Productions is generally the Impresario.

The theatre shows are financed by Warrack Productions, or more often, by way of individual investors through Limited Partnerships. The traditional success rate in the industry for commercial productions is 22%, success meaning the initial investment is repaid plus a profit. Warrack Productions has returned a profit on 77% of its productions. In some cases, the profit has been quite exceptional. For instance, TORONTO TORONTO returned the initial investment in 12 weeks, and ran for just under three years, with a final profit margin of 770%.

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