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Large Musicals

Large Musicals: Recent Work
Violin over Sheet Music


Book by Scott Smith & David Warrack 
Music & Lyrics by David Warrack 

12 characters 
2 Acts 
Originally Produced At: University of Windsor 
Originally Directed By: Scott Smith 

There may be no joy in Mudville, but there sure is onstage, when the umpire yells “play ball” and Casey and his cohorts romp around the finest fields of the old mid-west. 



Book by Michael Bawtree 
Music & Lyrics by David Warrack 

21 characters; Males: 11, Females: 10, Doubles: 12 
Originally Produced At: Banff Festival of the Arts, 1980 
Originally Directed By: Michael Bawtree 

Drummer tells the story of a seedy character by the name of Tollick who arrived penniless in Alberta in search of a new racket. Spotted by an even seedier character, Mr. Slink, Tollick is roped into the biggest racket of them all – the creation of a phony “cult” designed to part people from their money. Tollick and Slink go gleefully after the wealthiest man they can find: Pop Fraser, rancher and owner of a Calgary television station. Pop falls for the bait hook, line, and sinker, and his family tries every trick they know to get him to see that he is being fooled. While Tollick attempts to seduce Fraser’s beautiful young wife, Fraser is trying to marry off the phony cult leader to his son’s fiancé. On the way, a colourful variety of characters are introduced who have made their way to Alberta in search of fame and fortune. 



Book by Sam & Bella Spewack 
Music & Lyrics by David Warrack 

10 characters; Males: 6, Females: 4 
3 Acts 
Originally Produced At: Bluma Appel Theatre - St. Lawrence Center 
Originally Directed By: Heinar Piller 

The Angels are actually convicts, but they steal your heart, in this perfect Christmas gift, featuring the haunting song “Christmas Eve”. 

Sheet Music Over Piano


Book, Music & Lyrics by David Warrack 

Okay, the folks in Hamelin wouldn’t pay when the Pied Piper got rid of the mice, so he gathered up their children and disappeared in Mount Koppen. What happened there? Find out. 



Book, Music & Lyrics by David Warrack 

26 characters; Males: 16, Females: 15, Doubles: 10 
2 Acts 
Originally Produced At: The Charlottetown Festival, 1978 
Originally Directed By: Alan Lund 

A true story of love and intrigue as the Duke of Windsor abdicates the throne of England over the objections of Winston Churchill to marry the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. 

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